ENCOS as New Supporting Member of PESA

ENCOS has joined the group of PESA Supporting Members.

Encos Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the energy market for nearly 10 years now. Encos Sp. z o.o. provides energy services, incl. for the enterprise sector, public entities, transmission and distribution system operators. The company’s areas of specialization include support in the field of: engineering consultancy in the field of technical analyzes and expert opinions, object tests, design works and conducting the connection process. A significant area is related to the optimization of the operation of generation sources and transmission plants, reducing operating costs and increasing the quality and effective use of electricity resources. For this purpose, the company conducts tests and trials to check the technical and operational parameters of wind and solar farms. The third important area of operation is the diagnosis and location of cable lines faults and power protection automation. At the same time, Encos Sp. z o.o. conducts research activities aimed at creating solutions that not only bring economic benefits to customers, but above all affect the efficient use of energy resources. The company has developed methods of cooperation with clients that allow to create partner relationships while supporting clients in making strategic decisions regarding implemented investments.

More information: Encos Sp. z o.o.