ENERGOPOMIAR as New Supporting Member PREMIUM of PESA

Power Research and Testing Company, „ENERGOPOMIAR” Sp. z o.o., was a pioneer in providing measuring and testing services for power industry in Poland when it started operating in 1950.

„ENERGOPOMIAR” Sp. z o.o. is a well-recognized company with a strong market position which renders measuring, testing and consulting services for utility and industrial power plants, heating industry, industry (incl. refining and chemical industries, paper manufacturing sector, metallurgical industry, among others), thermal waste treatment plants and other municipal companies.

The basic areas of activity of the Company: 

  • environmental protection (testing, measurements and diagnostics of flue gas cleaning installations, measurements of pollution and noise emissions, consulting related to management of combustion wastes and by-products, monitoring of the environment, development of environmental impact assessments and integrated permits)
  • thermal and mechanical processes (testing, measurements and diagnostics of power units and equipment, acceptance tests, automatic control, consulting related to optimization of equipment performance, energy efficiency, green energy, cogeneration and capacity market, implementation of the TKE® systems of technical and economic control of operation)
  • power plant chemistry and diagnostics (testing, measurements and consultancy relating to water and wastewater management, physicochemical measurement systems, destructive and non-destructive testing, material diagnostics and technical state assessment of components of power equipment, control of water-steam cycles, chemical cleaning and steam blowing of power equipment and installations)
  • chemical and physicochemical analysis (fuels, water and wastewater, combustion by-products, sorbents and FGD products, oils, petroleum products, municipal wastes, building materials and raw materials used in construction, soils, laboratory outsourcing)
  • investor supervision and consulting (technical, economic and formal legal consulting at each stage of the investment process, feasibility studies and ToR preparation, Owner’s Engineer and Independent Technical Consultant for banks and financial institutions).

What distinguishes us:

  • Methodology – proven test methods and accreditations
  • Equipment – perfectly equipped stationary and mobile laboratories
  • Brand – engineering traditions, reliability and stability
  • Team – highly skilled and competent specialists in different fields.

Further information about the Company is available at www.energopomiar.com.pl