Our organization strives to provide better conditions for the development of energy companies, monitors barriers to the development of the industry, and prepares its own recommendations for Polish government bodies.

Furthermore, members of the Association get:

  • an opportunity to actively participate in legislative processes linked to renewable energy and influence the shaping of energy storage strategies and legal regulations;
  • access to the latest technical and legal information from the area of activity of the Association;
  • support in establishing contacts with related national and foreign organizations;
  • an opportunity to participate in meetings reserved exclusively for members of the Organization – networking;
  • an opportunity to establish direct collaboration with other members;
  • access to information on domestic and foreign industry events;
  • promotional and PR presence during special events such as the Energy Storage Congress in Poland.

Moreover, the announcement of joining the Association is displayed alongside the Association Member’s logo on the PSME website and is sent to all members by e-mail.

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Members of PESA


Corab is a Polish company with nearly 30 years of experience in electronics and the production of steel and aluminium components. They took their first steps in the satellite industry and their products were soon exported to every continent. For many years, Corab has been active in the photovoltaic industry as a manufacturer of module fixing systems and a distributor of reputable brands. The original mission of the company has always been the creation of safe, high-quality products. All products are currently manufactured in their modern production facility in Bartoszyce. The machine park consists of modern profiling lines and is the most modern in this part of Europe. The company currently employs over 250 specialists. Last year, a modern high-storage warehouse was opened. Corab now exports its products to nearly 20 European countries.


Minutor Energia a company originating from MINUTOR Sp. z o. o., which has been providing highly specialised technical services for the industry on the Polish market since 2014.
We have been associated with the energy and mining industry for four generations. Now, in light of the transformation aimed to combat increased CO2 emissions, we are not only focused on the multi-generational heritage of which we are proud but also on the future, having generations yet to come in mind.
As an entity more and more actively marking its presence on the market, it is now that we plan to enter the NewConnect market through the so-called reverse merger. Our activities are part of the company’s development plans regarding its entry into the stock exchange. We want to expand the scale of our activity into more Polish regions.
In addition to the implementation of solar farm projects, we also want to work on the research and development of hybrid PV systems with energy storage facilities. We find these facilities to be the future of our entire industry; without them, the national power system may not be able to deal with such a dynamic growth of RES in the national energy mix.


Power Research and Testing Company, „ENERGOPOMIAR” Sp. z o.o., was a pioneer in providing measuring and testing services for power industry in Poland when it started operating in 1950.
„ENERGOPOMIAR” Sp. z o.o. is a well-recognized company with a strong market position which renders measuring, testing and consulting services for utility and industrial power plants, heating industry, industry (incl. refining and chemical industries, paper manufacturing sector, metallurgical industry, among others), thermal waste treatment plants and other municipal companies.
The basic areas of activity of the Company:
• environmental protection (testing, measurements and diagnostics of flue gas cleaning installations, measurements of pollution and noise emissions, consulting related to management of combustion wastes and by-products, monitoring of the environment, development of environmental impact assessments and integrated permits)
• thermal and mechanical processes (testing, measurements and diagnostics of power units and equipment, acceptance tests, automatic control, consulting related to optimization of equipment performance, energy efficiency, green energy, cogeneration and capacity market, implementation of the TKE® systems of technical and economic control of operation)
• power plant chemistry and diagnostics (testing, measurements and consultancy relating to water and wastewater management, physicochemical measurement systems, destructive and non-destructive testing, material diagnostics and technical state assessment of components of power equipment, control of water-steam cycles, chemical cleaning and steam blowing of power equipment and installations)
• chemical and physicochemical analysis (fuels, water and wastewater, combustion by-products, sorbents and FGD products, oils, petroleum products, municipal wastes, building materials and raw materials used in construction, soils, laboratory outsourcing)
• investor supervision and consulting (technical, economic and formal legal consulting at each stage of the investment process, feasibility studies and ToR preparation, Owner’s Engineer and Independent Technical Consultant for banks and financial institutions).
What distinguishes us:
• Methodology – proven test methods and accreditations
• Equipment – perfectly equipped stationary and mobile laboratories
• Brand – engineering traditions, reliability and stability
• Team – highly skilled and competent specialists in different fields.
Further information about the Company is available at


Promet-Plast is the first plant in Poland to produce medical devices in zero-emission technology. In addition to the medical industry, the company is also active in the energy sector. Currently, Promet-Plast is carrying out investments in the largest commercial energy storage facilities in Poland and in methane cogeneration. The company is the leader of the EKO Oława Energy Cluster and the initiator of the Research and Development Centre established for the use of renewable energy sources in production processes.
Promet-Plast operates in the SME sector. Outside the Polish market, its products are present in many European countries. Its recipients are the largest medical wholesalers supplying hospitals throughout the European Union. The company has been on the market since 1982.

ZPUE is a company with many years of experience in the electricity distribution industry for both industry and power utilities as well as renewable energy. We have huge intellectual and production potential. Our products are of the highest quality and services at the highest level. The most advanced projects are not a challenge for us. We implement many large technology projects in terms of scale and short completion time. We are present in every energy sector, from generation and distribution to industry and energy storage. We support our clients at every stage of the project, from conception to assembly and commissioning.

Apator is an international group of manufacturers and distributors of modern measuring devices and systems, as well a suppliers of innovative solutions for the automation of the power network. Apator Group companies are located in 7 European countries and its products are used in over 70 countries worldwide.
As part of three business segments – Electricity, Water, and Heat and Gas – Apator manufactures and supplies to the market own solutions for measuring all utilities (electricity meters, water meters, heat meters, gas meters) as well as IT and technical solutions for intelligent power, water, and gas networks.
Apator Group consists of 14 entities, with headquarters in Poland and subsidiaries in Germany, the Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia and Denmark. Apator Group is an employer for over 2,500 employees, several hundred of which are highly qualified engineers, constructors, and programmers. The Group operates based on own 9 manufacturing plants and 12 R&D offices specialised in developing product innovations in the field of utilities and measuring systems for utilities, automation as well as power grid control and supervision systems.

Encos Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the energy market for nearly 10 years now. Encos Sp. z o.o. provides energy services, incl. for the enterprise sector, public entities, transmission and distribution system operators. The company’s areas of specialization include support in the field of: engineering consultancy in the field of technical analyzes and expert opinions, object tests, design works and conducting the connection process. A significant area is related to the optimization of the operation of generation sources and transmission plants, reducing operating costs and increasing the quality and effective use of electricity resources. For this purpose, the company conducts tests and trials to check the technical and operational parameters of wind and solar farms. The third important area of operation is the diagnosis and location of cable lines faults and power protection automation. At the same time, Encos Sp. z o.o. conducts research activities aimed at creating solutions that not only bring economic benefits to customers, but above all affect the efficient use of energy resources. The company has developed methods of cooperation with clients that allow to create partner relationships while supporting clients in making strategic decisions regarding implemented investments.

The family owned company was established in October 1990. In the first period of activity, covering the years 1990 – 2005, the company was involved into design and execution of technically advanced facades. The new stage of Almides activity began in 2005. Since then Almides is an exclusive distributor  of nickel-cadium batteries, produced by ZAVOD AIT from Saratov. Since November 2011, we are distributor of alkaline batteries, and lead acid batteries, made at Indian HBL from Hyderabad. Currently, we focus our activities on renewable energy and its storage as well as an electromobility programme. Already in the years 2012-2013, the Company developed a concept for the construction of a farm with an energy storage built of nickel-cadmium batteries. The first stage of the project was put into operation at the end of February 2020. It includes a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 0.25 MW with an energy storage capacity of 0.34 MWh. The project was developed on 1.5 ha plot at the Company’s Production Plant in Nowa Wieś near Włocławek. Work is now  underway on the second stage of the project to increase the power of  solar farm to 1 MW and the storage capacity to 0.8 MWh.

Sun Family has been fulfilling its mission since 2015, providing ecological and cost-effective solutions to homes. Our mission is to popularize the role of the sun in electricity production and to reduce the cost of electricity bills in as many households as possible throughout Poland.These two words perfectly reflect both the spirit and nature of our company. The main values that should guide us in life.
The experience of many years of work in the RES segment (renewable energy sources), as well as the cooperation of companies such as: Sun Family, Sun Family Info, Sun Family Heat, Sun Family Instal resulted in the merger of our companies into the Sun Family Group, which is now one of the largest groups operating in the renewable energy industry in Poland.
All this in order to use the power of our experiences even more efficiently and to provide you with solutions that will contribute to the fuller use of the sun’s potential and will be friendly to both environment and your pocket.
Our activities have led to the fact that we are currently one of the leading Polish companies dealing in photovoltaics in the segment of B2C (individual customer), B2B (business customer) and Agro-industry.

Waven delivers power systems based on semiconductor modules for harvesting electromagnetic energy present in the urban, industrial and natural environments. Waven harvesters are capable of autonomous powering of the low-power Internet of Things devices and of extending the lifetime of devices operating with batteries. Waven power systems can be applied in autonomous sensors, remote controls and lighting for home, office, factory and transport means are now powered from the electrosmog – the losses of power and telecommunication infrastructure. Waven is a team of entrepreneurs with wide, complementary experience in the high-tech and renewable energy industries. The company headquarters is located in Toruń, Poland and operates globally.