Minutor Energia New Supporting Member PREMIUM of Polish Energy Storage Association

Minutor Energia a company originating from MINUTOR Sp. z o. o., which has been providing highly specialised technical services for the industry on the Polish market since 2014.
We have been associated with the energy and mining industry for four generations.
Now, in light of the transformation aimed to combat increased CO2 emissions, we are not only focused on the multi-generational heritage of which we are proud but also on the future, having generations yet to come in mind.
As an entity more and more actively marking its presence on the market, it is now that we plan to enter the NewConnect market through the so-called reverse merger. Our activities are part of the company’s development plans regarding its entry into the stock exchange. We want to expand the scale of our activity into more Polish regions.
In addition to the implementation of solar farm projects, we also want to work on the research and development of hybrid PV systems with energy storage facilities. We find these facilities to be the future of our entire industry; without them, the national power system may not be able to deal with such a dynamic growth of RES in the national energy mix.