Grenergy Renovables is a Spanish company created in 2007, an independent power producer (IPP) from renewable sources, mainly wind and photovoltaic, publicly listed in Spain since 2019. A vertically integrated company, its business model …

The STB Innovation Centre has been in business for more than 10 years, and since 2014 has been carrying out regular R&D activities. It is based in Tczew within the Special Economic Zone. The work it carries out has resulted in the award of the status of Class A scientific unit and a research and development centre.… Read More

laser tec

LaserTec S.A. is one of the leading companies on the European market in the field of laser technology for the industry. It is currently focused on the production of modern, efficient and durable energy storage systems for the industry, households and photovoltaic farms. In addition, LaserTec is involved in the development of electromobility - manufacturing traction batteries with lithium-ion technology for electric vehicles and industrial equipment. The solutions offered by the company are always "tailor-made" for customers and adapted to individual customer demands.… Read More

Veolia term

Veolia term joined the ranks of members of the Polish Energy Storage Association (PESA). The official signing of the documents took place at the company's headquarters. Magdalena Bezulska, President of the Management Board of Veolia term and Barbara Adamska, President of the Management Board of the Polish Energy Storage Association share the conviction that this is a cooperation that will bring multiple benefits to the broadly defined electricity market.… Read More


We are continually expanding not only our PESA group of members but also adding new substantive partners. The relationships with the scientific community are extremely valuable to us. We are therefore delighted with the newly signed agreement with the Digital Economy Lab (DELab) at the University of Warsaw (UoW).… Read More