PESA WEBINAR: „Challenges of Poland’s energy transition: Energy storage and energy clusters”

The Polish Energy Storage Association works for the development of energy storage and the distributed power sector in Poland. It actively supports the development of the industry by participating in legislative work related to the energy sector and energy storage. In addition, it integrates circles broadly interested in the implementation of modern technologies, environmental protection and development of the energy sector, and promotes energy storage. Therefore, we would like to share our knowledge with all entities interested in issues related to the energy sector. Our training is just for you. If you are just looking for information related to energy storage, you will find it right here.


The PESA WEBINAR is dedicated to foreign companies seeking to enter the Polish market or find partners operating in it.

The Polish energy market is at a crucial moment. The regulatory changes and growing demand for electricity necessitate the introduction of significant modifications to the Polish energy sector, with dynamic processes in the legal environment creating completely new opportunities for energy sector companies operating in Poland. The energy transformation creates a unique, one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, particularly for investors with access to modern technologies and the necessary competencies. The webinar will be hosted by experts whose experience and commitment to the development of the energy industry guarantee the highest standards. During the webinar, the experts will share their knowledge about the Polish energy storage market and energy clusters. Additionally, the most innovative examples of the energy sector’s interesting energy storage solutions and other projects will also be presented.


10.00 – 10.45
Getting ripe for the energy transition. The role of energy storage on the Polish energy market –
Michał Motylewski, Managing Counsel at DENTONS

  • The energy transition environment – The broader context – playground for innovation
  • EU Innovation Fund-The 2030 funding in place
  • The energy transition environment – Poland – The place of energy storage

10.45 – 11.25
Energy clusters in Poland on the example of the Słupsk Bioenergy Cluster and the Energy Cluster Oława. Are energy storage systems in clusters necessary?
Barbara Adamska, CEO of ADM Poland, President of the Polish Energy Storage Association

  • An energy cluster: what it is and who can participate in it?
  • The certification of energy clusters
  • What are the golas of energy clusters? Who benefits form the energy clusters? Is a local government unit necessary in a cluster?
  • Cluster in Słupsk – consistent development of the local energy market
  • The EKO Oława Energy Cluster– the biggest commercial energy storage system in Poland
  • Is it possible to keep the pace of the development of prosumer PV installations without energy clusters and energy storage?
  • Are energy cluster a way to integrate large scale RES plants into the grid?

11.25 – 12.10
Energy storage market in Poland: The current state and development prospects
Paweł Grabowski, PhD, Vice President of the Polish Energy Storage Association

  • Energy production and consumption in Poland
  • Installed Capacity
  • Market size expectations
  • Polish DSO’s market
  • PGE and energystorage
  • TAURON and energystorage
  • ENEA and energystorage
  • ENERGA and energystorage
  • Summary – three pillars of the Polish Energy Policy

12.10 – 12.40
Q&A and summing up


Barbara Adamska

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Paweł Grabowski

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Michał Motylewski

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