Polish Energy Storage Association and National Chamber of Energy Clusters signed a letter of intent

Polish Energy Storage Association (PSME) and National Chamber of Energy Clusters (KIKE) signed a letter of intent. During the meeting, a decision was made to tighten cooperation and intensify activities for the development of renewable energy in Poland.

The beginning of February 2021 is an important time for the domestic energy sector. On February 2, 2021, after 12 years from the establishment of the previous strategy, a new document setting out the directions for the development of this sector was adopted, the Minister of Climate and Environment, Michał Kurtyka, told the media. The Council of Ministers approved the “Energy Policy of Poland until 2040” – This is the perfect moment to work together to accelerate the development of distributed energy based on RES and build a modern future for our country, agreed Barbara Adamska, CEO of the Polish Energy Storage Association and Albert Gryszczuk, CEO of the National Chamber of Energy Clusters.

Objectives of PSME and KIKE have more things in common. Transformation towards a low- and zero-emission Polish economy, care for better conditions for the development of companies from the energy sector, monitoring of barriers to the development of the sector and improvement of energy efficiency on a local and national scale are just a few of them. Joining forces will allow for synergy – technology, experience and expertise that will bring real benefits to all active players in the sector.I keep on repeating on various occasions that legislative and non-legislative changes are necessary to allow for the development of energy storage in all market segments: from home batteries, through low- and medium-voltage storage (close to generation facilities), to large-scale storage. It is also important to implement such regulations that will increase the possibility of commercial provision of electricity storage services as a source of flexibility for the energy system. Combining the competences of PSME and KIKE experts will allow us to implement our ideas on a wider scale. We are glad that we will be able to participate in projects that take place in clusters, because these are the areas that already determine the future of the Polish energy sector. PSME can bring to them knowledge of storage selection criteria, or strategies for their use. Warehouses fulfill the functions necessary to build local balancing areas, without them energy clusters have no chance to fully develop their potential, said Barbara Adamska, CEO of the Polish Energy Storage Association.The coming years promise to be a time of very intensive development of energy clusters. According to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, 300 energy autonomous areas, which will be created on the model of the pilot Zgorzelec Cluster, will be the strength of the Polish dispersed energy sector. Currently, there are already over 70 MW of RES installed in Zgorzelec, and at least 500 are planned. To fully replace conventional, coal-based power generation, renewable energy sources must be supplemented with storage facilities. The cooperation between KIKE and PSME is a natural response to the market needs, concluded Albert Gryszczuk

The signatories of the letter of intent are convinced that their cooperation will support Poland’s energy transformation.