We need energy storages. It’s high time for action to begin so they emerge

The Polish power system needs energy storage facilities. In an interview with gramwzielone.pl, CEO of ADM Poland and the President of the Polish Energy Storage Association Barbara Adamska talks how lack of energy storages may hinder the development of prosumer microinstallations and large-scale renewable energy in Poland.

In an interview with gramwzielone.pl, Barbara Adamska, President of the Polish Energy Storage Association, outlines the barriers that hinder investments in energy storage and puts forward solutions that will cause such installations to be built in our country. The voice of grid operators speaking about the need for storage facilities in our energy system is getting increasingly louder.

Gramwzielone.pl: The power installed in photovoltaic sources in Poland is growing rapidly; prosumer power engineering is developing; regulations are being set in place to promote the development of distributed power engineering. What role do energy stores have to play in this setting?

Barbara Adamska: The pace of transformation of the Polish power industry will depend on energy storage facilities. The dynamic development of domestic microinstallations may soon encounter a serious barrier resulting from the condition of low and medium voltage grids. Distribution system operators point to technical grid issues resulting from the large number of microinstallations being connected. Meanwhile, they do not consider it possible to multiply the investment outlays for grid development and modernization. They recommend changing the discount rates for prosumers to less favorable or shortening the term for grid-introduced energy collection by prosumers.

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