We cordially welcome Engie Zielona Energia among supporting members of Polish Energy Storage Association!

ENGIE Zielona Energia is a member company of the multinational ENGIE, present in more than 30 countries worldwide, active in the field of low-carbon energy and services. The group has a strong position in Europe as a leader in the energy transition and one of the largest energy suppliers in the world. For industrial customers, it offers renewable energy products, including PPAs. It has extensive experience in the implementation of RES investments and is present in all key markets for the growth of renewable energy. ENGIE continuously invests in research and development to offer modern and efficient renewable energy solutions, enabling customers to reduce CO2 emissions and lower energy costs. ENGIE Zielona Energia is making a significant contribution to the transformation of the energy sector towards sustainability and a green future through its activities. ENGIE is also the only major supplier to have signed a corporate PPA for solar, onshore and offshore energy in 2023. In Poland, ENGIE has wind farms of 241 MW and photovoltaic farms of 120 MWp, which produce more than 700 GWh of green energy annually. Thanks to the production of energy from renewable sources, it does not emit pollution and remains carbon neutral. The energy sold by ENGIE powers major companies across the country, bringing them closer to achieving carbon neutrality.

More information: https://www.engie-zielonaenergia.pl/