Polish Energy Storage Association

Polish Energy Storage Association

PESA works for the development of the energy storage industry and energy transformation. It participates in legislative work, shaping non-legislative activities and conducts educational and information activities. PESA promotes safety standards for the use of energy storage, taking into account legal, technical and economic security. 


It closely cooperates with research centers, supporting their initiatives aimed at creating innovative solutions related to the broadly understood power industry. The association also focuses on building social awareness of renewable energy sources and the role of energy storage. PESA associates leading companies operating on the energy storage market in Poland: producers, investors, developers and integrators, both from Poland and abroad

PESA Management Board

The Management Board of the Association effectively pursues its statutory objectives by virtue of years of professional experience acquired during work on prestigious projects concerning the development of power engineering in Poland and abroad.



President of the Management Board

Expert in distributed energy systems and energy storage, author of dozens of publications on photovoltaics, energy storage and distributed energy systems



Vice President of the Management Board

Tens of years of professional experience in the power industry. As the Director of the Innovation Department of one of the largest distribution companies, he is responsible for the construction of the first Polish energy storages integrated with the power system.

Paweł Grabowski


Vice President of the Management Board

He has many years of experience in managing new technology companies in Poland and abroad. Since 2014, he has been intensively involved in the development of the energy storage market. Author of scientific publications. Investor and founder of the STAY-ON Group.

PESA Policy Council

Wojciech Myśłecki

Prof. Wojciech Myślecki

Chairman of the Policy Council

Prominent scientist and expert in power engineering. Honorary professor at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. Former President of the Management Board of Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. Democratic opposition activist in the 1980s.

Andrzej Jeżewski

Andrzej Jeżewski

Deputy Chairman of the Policy Council

Graduate of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences; winner of the “Business Rocket” (Polish: Rakieta Biznesu) Gala award; for 38 years, he has been the owner of Promet-Plast S.C., a company involved in renewable energy production and plastics extrusion, President of EP-P Sp. z o.o. Sk.

Maciej Wyczesany

Member of Policy Council

Bartek Kras okrag

Bartek Kras

President of the Management Board

Przemysław Mandelt

Member of Policy Council

PESA Hydrogen Technologies Section


Prof. Bogusław Pierożyński, PhD Hab. Eng.

Chairman of the Hydrogen Technologies Section

His main research activities revolve around the kinetics of electrode processes (including the materials used in fuel cells), the electro-degradation of organic compounds in industrial wastewater, electrochemical corrosion processes, but above all, the optimisation of the electrochemical method for obtaining and storing ultra-pure green hydrogen in alkaline water electrolysis.


Tomasz Mikołajczyk, PhD Eng.

Secretary of the Hydrogen Technologies Section

Expert in increasing the efficiency of the water electrolysis process through electrode modification. In addition, he has experience in the construction and design of 500W and 5kW laboratory water electrolysers.

PESA Large-Scale Energy Storage Section

Piotr Szczeciński mini

Piotr Szczeciński, PhD Eng.

Chairman of the Large-Scale Energy Storage Section

Assistant Professor at the Chair of Electrical Power Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology, co-author of numerous publications on utility power engineering.

Damian Geremus

Expert, Large-Scale Energy Storage Section

cejrowski jpg

Łukasz Cejrowski

Chairman of Advisory Board

A highly experienced professional with more than 15 years of expertise in the renewable energy and semiconductors industry, product development, implementation, business management and administration

Rafał Sroka

Rafał Sroka

Board Advisor

12 years of professional experience mainly in management positions in global investment banking, insurance at Lloyds of London and manufacturing. Most of his insurance career spent in the area Energy risk management for power plants, wind farms, hydropower.

Katarzyna Wypychewicz

Michał Wypychewicz

Board Advisor

Editor-in-chief of e-magazyny.pl news and analysis website focusing on energy storage, renewable energy sources and electromobility.

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