We cordially welcome Łukasiewicz – IMN among supporting members of Polish Energy Storage Association PESA!

ŁUKASIEWICZ Research Network – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals Division in Poznań (former Central Laboratory of Batteries and Cells) is a highly specialized scientific facility. Carries out basic research, industrial and development projects related to chemical power sources.

Currently, Institute is focused on the following challenges: Lithium batteries (Li-S included); Reserve batteries, Fuel cells, Electrochemical capacitors, New electrochemical materials and systems (Zn-air included), Dual-use technologies, EV battery repurposing and battery second-life, Technologies for e-mobility, renewable power sources and circular economy.

The Chemical Power Sources Testing Laboratory is accredited by Polish Centre for Accreditation. The laboratory performs specific tests: electric, mechanic, climatic, safety of handling and transportation for all types of batteries and cells.

Based on their practical experience, and know-how, the Institute performs post-failure or complaint expert opinions. The Institute offers certification, training and consulting services in the field of construction, operation and handling of BESS.

It’s the sole Polish producer of thermal batteries for precision-guided ammunition with experience in acquiring national and European funds to perform R&D projects. When designing innovations, Institute cares about real user needs, analyzes market figures and players and we cooperate with entrepreneurs to create a competitive, low-emission and modern economy.

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