ATESS becomes the Gold Supporting Member of the Polish Energy Storage Association

ATESS Poland becomes the Gold Supporting Member of the Polish Energy Storage Association. We think it will definitely be a fruitful collaboration!

Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co., Ltd offers modular energy storage systems installed in 10, 20 or 40 foot ISO containers. These containers contain batteries, terminal cabinets, a 1000 volt (ATESS PBD250) or 1500 volt (ATESS PBD350) DC-to-DC charger, bidirectional battery inverters with a maximum power of 630 kW, transformers and equipment to monitor the operation of the energy storage system.

The products from ATESS for large energy storage facilities are the ideal solution when:

  • An operator (e.g. Tauron or Energa) has rejected an application for grid connection conditions for a photovoltaic farm.
  • Large energy storage facilities operating as a UPS are required.
  • Production facilities have limited energy take off capacity.
  • One participates in RES auctions with hybrid installations.
  • Local transmission networks are being upgraded, and energy storage systems are going to be used as a lternative solutions.

Energy storage systems can be installed at any location specified by the investor. However, the location requires electricity and telecommunications connections.

ATESS containers are also equipped with a fire alarm system and fixed fire extinguishing equipment for early smoke detection; lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as burglar alarm system to protect against break-ins and theft. Poland’s first containerised energy storage system was installed in Katowice at the premises of Energoprojekt-Katowice SA (EPK). The Demo ESS Showroom container will complement the photovoltaic and trigeneration installation (high- efficiency cogeneration installation for production of electricity and heating water in winter and additional production of chilled water in summer) operating in EPK, demonstrating how a company can become energy self-sufficient. 

MP Solar Group is the principal and official distributor of Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co., Ltd industrial energy storage products on the Polish market. The company offers home and industrial energy storage systems, single-phase and three-phase inverters for home, industrial and farm photovoltaic installations, and PV installation accessories. The energy storage systems offered by MP Solar Group are aimed at increasing the stability of grid operation and thus improving the security of the power system, maximising the energy autonomy of businesses and maintaining production continuity in industrial plants under conditions of grid instability.